In the footsteps of my history
And shadow, I am caught
In the half light of remembering,
The house, the mouth,
The woman, whose cotton-coiled
Waist is the yearning for an India far...


As man becomes more and more cultured and refined, he moves away from nature and tends to move towards artificiality. The distance from nature seems to keep him away from purity and reality too. In this process he...


They opened a window and their mouths they rinsed
And spilled on their anger-laughter and cries thus cleansed
And if they were in reach they’d have been beaten black n blue
Let my kites lose their path...


This time when I boarded the plane

to return to the US, I felt a peace with in,

a peace that had finally retuned to me

after twenty years.

This time, I...


Could the Singaporean applicant not have protested
and thrust a poem of simple scenery instead?

Spot the ancient croc submerged in green,
bifocal periscope scanning for terrorist movement....


Such happiness
To see the sun set on the steppe!
When I feel its calm light
I forget my sorrow.

To breathe such air,
To be human is enough!
After that, let God take...


(for J.F.R, with thanks to Michael Longley)

I will tell you this;
That love, is the art
Of green hands, nestled
Keen as the root,
In red earth.

Here, where my body
Grows thin...


She told me over the phone, ’Guess what, we went to Goa,
... A train-ride from Bombay, with mountains on one side
And little villages on the other, intruded by
A sublet of the sea.

City of Literature

O the place

where God

like a ripe fruit

fell on the ground

and crashed!

let's go

by rolling up our skin

like a silk cloth

from the covered...


(Malay for ‘howl ’)

**Excerpt fromOnkalo(Math Paper Press, 2013)

And so he says it again

through headlines screaming black bold Serif
on undulating white perimeters

Write −...


(from a Malay Pantun)

The flying dove high above,
Perches a while on a dead tree;
Strike the water in a pail,