This time when I boarded the plane

to return to the US, I felt a peace with in,

a peace that had finally retuned to me

after twenty years.

This time, I...



here should be

dance of words

-in the carvansarai of your glory-

tonight I am as joyful as the grasses

that saw the sun

and full with the existence of my dream.


The accessory, zipped up,
awaits the blink-off.

Redacted, this could
just end up one jet-lagged lyre.

Keep soul, big stuff in the overhead
administration, says trolley dolly.



In the footsteps of my history
And shadow, I am caught
In the half light of remembering,
The house, the mouth,
The woman, whose cotton-coiled
Waist is the yearning for an India far...


Such happiness
To see the sun set on the steppe!
When I feel its calm light
I forget my sorrow.

To breathe such air,
To be human is enough!
After that, let God take...


O the earth tribe

drums were played, doors were closed

in caravanserai

a candle, a loaf of bread, a dish of soup

and a sack of oat for the horse

in this courtyard...


Lying flat face up
with hands and legs tied parallel
with banks corresponding
and like a terrorized creature
unable to gather the body together
for a hope of living
Iowa River continues...


(from a Malay Pantun)

The flying dove high above,
Perches a while on a dead tree;
Strike the water in a pail,


(for M.K)

In the beginning,
No beginning, only
The silvery glimpse of a history,
Solid as a rock,
Or the lotus.

Till you, Shiva,
Ashen faced, plough lined,
Danced the...


After a war

I was captured

with the chains

like my braid

I came from the North

on a horseback

for booty

on the slave market

my sealed...


here you are faceless bobs
like flotsam in the strait narrow

sea scented with iridescent oil
radiating in rainbow swirl

as fin glistens before tell-tale lollipops
are sucked into the...


My hands are two little antennas
which receive remote waves
distill and disseminate messages
generated and circulated by the brain.

My heart pounds and heaves
releases blood to brain and...