When we look back at Turkish women’s poetry of the Ottoman period, we also read an historical process. In Ottoman times, as it is known, women were not in the social arena at all. They could not be educated in...


After a war

I was captured

with the chains

like my braid

I came from the North

on a horseback

for booty

on the slave market

my sealed...


O the place

where God

like a ripe fruit

fell on the ground

and crashed!

let's go

by rolling up our skin

like a silk cloth

from the covered...


O the earth tribe

drums were played, doors were closed

in caravanserai

a candle, a loaf of bread, a dish of soup

and a sack of oat for the horse

in this courtyard...



here should be

dance of words

-in the carvansarai of your glory-

tonight I am as joyful as the grasses

that saw the sun

and full with the existence of my dream.