Two Faces

She examines her face in the mirror with slow concern, groping her pock-marked cheeks. Eyebrows furrowed lips trembling, she pronounces the words: I hate you!

She examines her face in the mirror again, her sad fingers clutching at her face and her voice becomes a whimper. Aaaaaah…O, Nasim!* Your beautiful face, your eyes, that luxurious laugh and your hair, that hair you flip over your shoulders, teasing me! Your voice when you say, “I misssssssssssed ya!” Your wide smile when they tell you that you were aptly named….

In the midst of her thoughts, the ringing of a telephone startles her. To hide her anxiety, she speaks tenderly with the person on the other end of the line, saying: Hello, my dear Nasim!

“I misssssssssssed ya!”

I, too, was just now thinking about you!
*“Nasim” is an Arabic name meaning “breeze.”