Did You Feel

Anuradha Vijayakrishnan is a career banker. Her work has appeared in Indian and international journals and anthologies including NW14, Magma, Orbis, Soundings, Aesthetica, Asian Cha, Eclectica, Asia Literary Review, Mascara, Indian Literature and Nth Position. In 2007 her novel Seeing the Girl was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary prize.

Did you feel it as a thing that loved
you? Was it cold, soft like your mother’s
Did you turn your head to wonder
at the deepness of blue?
Did you make fish mouths at the tiny
animals that swam close then away?
Did you try to breathe?
Did you rise thrice to wave at the sun?
Did you hear the rocks call
and the sky break its leaden heart? 
Did you rest your arm on a ledge
of silver and feel it slip from you
like that girl you could not forget?
Did you hear sirens sing?
Did the ghosts come for you? Did they
have long hair and anxious eyes?
Did you ask for another birth?
Did you think of us when you closed
your eyes? Did you open them again?
Did you wait?
Was there darkness? Was there mud?
Were there fish hooks, broken bottles
and a point of perfection when you

And did you cry out, once?