Summer 2016 vol 9 no 1


Special Issue: South Asian Writing. Guest editors Shabnam Nadiya and Daisy Rockwell


POSTCARD: Abeer Y. Hoque:  arteries



O. V. Vijayan: The Cattle + Refuge    

Swapnomoy ChakrabartyThe Tattoo + A Problem from Developing Economies



Geet ChaturvediFor the Films of Ozu + For the Films of Wong Kar­Wai

Jaswant Singh Zafar: Human + The Bird

Mallika SenguptaA Sloka for the Daughter (excerpt)

 P. Ahilan: Mithunam (excerpt)

Afzal Ahmed Syed: Learning of a New Language + The Dancer of Bonair Street

Uday Prakash: Gandhi ji + The Building



Shantaram:  Evening Raaga

Shaheen Akhtar: from Beloved Rongomala

Ki Rajanarayan: News Report

Shrilal Shukla: At This Age

Benyamin: Cattle-Class Mercedes



John Vater: A Subcontinent Goes Global: Hindi Publishers Reach Out