"The Situation" II - Kabul

Everything will vanish... but the stupidity of human beings.

Mohibullah Zegham is a physician, writer, translator and essayist, and currently an advisor to the Curriculum Development Department of Afghanistan's Ministry of Education. His publications include three novels, two collections of stories, three children’s novels, five story books for children, and a travelogue. Kabay and Monok, which won the 2018 prize for children’s literature in Afghanistan, will appear in English from PenIt Publications (USA).


What reminds this of? 

“It is the Almighty Allah’s punishment to the cruel infidels. The Chinese dictators killed and put in jail many Muslims, and Allah is taking revenge for those innocent Muslims,”  Mawlawi Mujib-ur-Rahman Ansari of Herat, Afghanistan said as soon as the Coronal virus spread in Wuhan, China. He and some other Muslim scholars claimed that infidels alone will be infected by this virus, and no Muslim. 

“Allah – u – Akbar!  Allah – u – Akbar!  Allah – u – Akbar! (God is Great)”, Was the reply from thousands of people.  

Then we heard from around the world: 

“It is a biological attack on China. USA couldn’t compete with the fast-growing economy of China, so invaded it by a very dangerous biological weapon.” 

“What a counter attack! China survived the biological attack and hit back at USA so powerfully that it destroyed it totally.” 

“In fact, it is just the same as the HIV business. A few decades ago, USA and France decided to create propaganda, exaggerating the risk and fatality of HIV and then provide a vaccine or medicine that could treat it so they could share the profits of this huge business. This time, it's the USA and China that will share the economic benefits from the Corona Virus Business.”  

And when the disease spread in Iran and then in other Islamic countries, Mawlawi Ansari said, “It is the mercy of Almighty Allah to his Muslim Servants. Every Muslim who suffers from Corona Disease or dies from it will go directly to Paradise.”  

And, again thousands of audience members replied, “Allah – u – Akbar!  Allah – u – Akbar!  Allah – u – Akbar!” 

The noise was so loud that many people couldn’t hear the whispering voice of Sinuhe, coming from some four thousand years ago, “Everything will vanish, but one thing will last forever: the idiocy of the human beings.”