"The Situation" II - Baghdad

...social justice is central for human beings...

Soheil Najm is a poet and translator. His poetry volumes include [Breaking the Phrase], [Your Carpenter O Light], [No Paradise Outside the Window] and [Black Paradise]. He has translated many books of poetry, novels, and literary criticism from the English into the Arabic, and the work of poets Sadiq Assaieg, Kazaal AlMajidi and Salam Dawai from the Arabic into the English. He is also the editor of two anthologies of contemporary Iraqi poetry, Flowers of Flame, and Ishtar’s Songs , published in the US and Iraq.


There are some strange things related to this our unwelcome guest called Corona virus. The first of them is that although it is not even an organism or a creature, but rather an incomplete cell, it has the ability to cross all the fake boundaries in the world without any passport, ignoring whatever weapons we have to prevent it from penetrating. Another thing is that it doesn't differentiate between the rich or the poor, an neither does it care about class, religion or race. A third strange thing is that by infecting the developed countries more than others, the scandal of the neoliberal system makes itself apparent in the monopolies of pharmaceutical companies, so out-of-control that they only care about their benefits and earnings. Although they already knew about Covid 19, their response was late and slow. I was shocked to learn that these companies prefer to manufacture skin creams to finding a vaccine or treatments for the epidemic because they are more profitable. This resulted of course in the new cultural crisis, which has led to the largest forced isolation and voluntary lock-down in history.

Another strange thing, scandalous for the centrality of the West, is to know that some suggested trials in Africa to see if a tuberculosis vaccine would prove effective against corona virus. Isn't that the most brutal and racist thing in modern age? Clearly the ethics of imperialism still remain in some minds in an atrocious way.

This Covid pandemic also reveals the idea that the fate of many of the world's countries in the world, especially the corrupt ones like in Iraq, my country, lies in the hands of sociopath dictators who are utterly indifferent to people's health.

I believe that social justice is central for human beings, and that to achieve it and to to overcome this severe crisis, we will need consolidation, real democracy, and the mindset of a social movement.