the moon struck them as a little more shameless that day
they felt as if the snake really lay hidden in the grass too

by then even the girl's moans had become stifled
their slightly guilty expressions were washed away by indifferent dew

one by one, the five of them unbuttoned their pants slowly
and relieved themselves a little by pouring water for the moon

then they headed home, some through fields and brush, some turning
at crossroads, to knock at midnight—get up wife, give me rice ma

their darling boys had come home, all sighed with relief
only one among them woke up his sister, washed

his hands and face, and sat down to eat—don't be angry dear
chucking her under the chin—he's struck by surprise

the face of that working girl was just like the moon—
could it be that this one man might not be a man

—translated by Carolyn B. Brown