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Ghassan ZAQTAN (poet, West Bank; b. 1954, Beit Jala) is co-founder and director of the House of Poetry in Ramallah. He is chief editor for the Al-Shua'ra (Poets) quarterly and writes weekly columns for two newspapers in Ramallah and in the Gulf. His poetry collections include Luring the Mountain in Beirut (1999); Prescription of a Description in Jerusalem (1998) and Weightless Sky (1980). His novel, Describing the Past, was published in Jordan in 1995. Mr. Zaqatan has also written a number of scripts for various film documentaries. He is currently working on a poetry/prose anthology whose themeis "roads," comparing paths in life with the physical environment. His play The Narrow Sea was honored at the 1994 Cairo Festival. He is taking part in the IWP through the US Department of State.

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