Outreach Courses

The IWP's online outreach courses are developed in collaboration with U.S. embassies and/or international schools and universities for groups of participants in one or more selected regions. Outreach courses offer live video lectures and discussions; reading and writing assignments, and asynchronous online workshopping. Each instructor is an experienced teacher of creative writing and literature with a strong publication record and a passion for recreating the workshop model within an online learning environment. Supported by the United States Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the University of Iowa, each outreach course is designed to provide an opportunity for creative writing, community-building, and cultural exchange.


CURRENT Outreach Courses


6/15/2020 through 8/1/2020   (Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia)

The Movement sessions of this course work with aspects of meaning-making in dance, with establishing context and point-of-view, and with generation of movement and experimentation with structure. These sessions form the starting point of each Word session, which are in creative writing workshop format. Participants will experiment with form and with language, fusing responses, insights, and reactions from the Movement sessions into their creative writing.

(AFTERNOTE: This course’s emphases on diverse perspectives and on resiliency, occurring as it did in the midst of an unexpected global pandemic, both echoed and intersected with the myriad types of virtual artistic and issue-oriented collaborations appearing across the United States during this time.)



4/15/2020 through 10/15/2020  (Argentina, Botswana, Colombia, Kenya, Mauritius, Mexico, Somalia, South Africa)

This project furthers already-established connections between the WMP and the IWP,  broadens international networks and collaborations, and amplifies the many threads of conversation established by the mentor-mentee groups within both of the regional WMP seed projects, by anchoring and applying these topics through a series of professional practice seminars.


Past Outreach Courses

To view our past outreach courses, please visit the Past Digital Learning Programming page.

For inquiries about our outreach courses or other online programming, please email us at distancelearning.iwp@gmail.com.

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