Outreach Courses

Outreach distance-learning courses are developed in collaboration with international institutions to serve the students enrolled at those institutions. Through live video discussions, web chats, and course websites, students access and discuss readings collected around a theme or topic central to their goals as readers and writers. Instructors with strong backgrounds in literature and creative expression guide students through the development of their own writing and facilitate workshop-based exchanges of their work for online critique. Some of the IWP’s recent outreach courses were developed with Egypt, Jordan, Spain, Scotland, New Zealand, Mexico, Iraq, Russia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Afghanistan.

2016 Outreach Courses

July 2016: Every Grain of Light: Writing Poetry in Afghanistan 2016 (Jalalabad | Kabul | Mazar-i-Sharif)

2015 Outreach Courses

February 2015: A Room Of One's Own: Developing the Female Authorial Voice (Amman, Jordan | Manama, Bahrain)

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