CRISTOFF, Maria Sonia

CRISTOFF, Maria Sonia
  • Americas
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • South America
  • Argentina

Maria Sonia CRISTOFF (novelist, nonfiction writer; Argentina) teaches creative writing and Patagonian literature. Her literary pieces and criticism have been published in newspapers and magazines such as La Nación, Clarín, Página 12, Perfil and Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Noticias, Latido, TXT, Siwa, Letras Libres and Otra Parte. Cristoff is the author of the travelogue Falsa Cama [Deceptive Calm] (2005), the novella Desubicados [Misfits] (2006) and the novel Bajo influencia [Under the Influence] (2010), and the editor of three story and essay collections Patagonia (2005), Idea crónica [Chronical Idea] (2006) and Pasaje a Oriente [Passage to the Orient] (2009). She participates courtesy of the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires.

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