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Paddy WOODWORTH ( non-fiction writer; Ireland b. 1951, Bray) has written extensively for the Irish Times, where he was a staff journalist from 1988 to 2002, first as arts editor (for six years) and later as an editor and contributor on the foreign desk. He has worked for numerous other publications as well as in radio and television. His first full-length book, Dirty War, Clean Hands (Cork University Press, 2001; Yale University Press, 2003), is a study of the consequences, for contemporary Spanish democracy, of the use of state terrorist methods to combat the terrorism of the Basque separatist group ETA. It was a best-seller in Ireland and received glowing reviews internationally by publications ranging from Time magazine to the Times Literary Supplement. He is currently working freelance on three book projects: images of migratory birds in human culture; a comparison of the Basque and Northern Irish conflicts; and a novel based in the Basque Country. He is participating courtesy of the William B. Quarton International Writing Program Scholarship.

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