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Peter MACSOVSZKY (born in Nove Zamky, 1966) is editor of the literary magazine Dotyky and a lecturer at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, where he teaches esthetics and literary criticism; he is also working on the encyclopedia Belidiana at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. He has three published books of poetry, Fear of Utopia (1994); Ambit (1995); Autopsy (1997). He is also the translator of Richard Brautigan's The Revenge of the Lawn. He is particularly interested in the translation of modern American poetry, especially the Native American poetry. His other interests include Oriental philosophy and the history of fine arts. Mr. Macsovszky holds the M.A. from the faculties of English Language, the Arts, and Slovak Literature from the University of Constantine. He is at the IWP through the US Information Agency.

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