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Piotr SLIWINSKI (poet, essayist, literary historian, Poland; born 1962, Ostrow) is assistant professor of Polish philology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, and a literary critic and commentator for the most prestigious Polish cultural magazines. He also provides regular commentary over the Polish national radio and television. Mr. Sliwinski was a founder and editor-in-chief of the literary monthly Format. He has written numerous essays and monographs on Polish contemporary literature; his critical collections include the books Tadeusz Dolega Mostowicz (1994) and Counterpoint: Talks on Books (1999); in process of publication is a book co-authored by Agata Legezynska, Polish Poetry After 1968. He edited Reading Zbigniew Herbert (1995) and Boredom in Culture (1999). He has taken part in many conferences in Europe; this is his first visit to the United States. He holds the MA in Polish literature and has taken doctoral studies in sociology; he is currently interested in the sociology of literature, particularly the relationship between literature and the Internet. The U.S. Department of State is subsidizing his participation in the IWP.

Happening Now

  • Just completed: “Sense of Belonging,” a bilingual Iowa City + Paris-based podcast series commissioned by Walid Rachedi and produced by NFW grad students in both cities, with support of the US Embassy in Paris.

  • Word has just reached us of the sudden death, in his hometown Gdańsk, of the novelist, poet, essayist, and playwright Paweł Huelle. RIP.

  • “I regret that poems can’t serve as witnesses in military tribunals; they can only testify in the court of history,” writes Iya Kiva in an essay for the project “War Is… Ukrainian Writers on Living Through Catastrophe.”

  • Congratulations to novelists Mansoura Ez-Eldin and Taleb Al-Refai for placing on the 2023 finalist list of the prestigious Prix de la littérature arabe.


  • Samuel Kolawole’s first novel, The Road to the Salt Sea, is announced for a July 2024 release.

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