Yawo Weka ALADJI

Yawo Weka ALADJI
  • Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Togo

Yawo Weka ALADJI (born 1941, Hanyigba-Duga) is assistant professor of the sociology of communications in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Lome, and director and publisher of Editions Haho. Dr. Aladji was formerly head of the publication section of Togo's Ministry of Information and was a journalist at Radio-Lome. His publications include La Voix de l'Ombre (1985) and La Mediation des Conseils de Presse et Organismes Similaires dans l'Afrique en Transition: Annales de l'Université du Benin (1998). The US Department of State is providing his participation in the International Writing Program.

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