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The IWP Media Gallery gathers and makes searchable audiovisual records of the nearly five decades of IWP’s programming. Scores of readings, performances, panel presentations, interviews, documentaries of the program’s reading tours—both overseas and in the US—and on-line teaching materials can be located though the search functions below. The oldest materials date to the early 1970s. Many are accessible through the IWP Digital Archive of the UI Main Library, which also houses the IWP paper archive (1967 to 2000) in its Special Collections. Since 2006, significant funding for the program’s audiovisual documentation has been provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) at the U.S. Department of State. 


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| 242 results
| 242 results
On the Map 2017: Hajar BALI
Hajar BALI (playwright, fiction writer, poet; Algeria) was, until 2016, a professor of mathematics at the University of Sciences and Technology in Algiers. Her collection of plays... More...
On the Map 2017: Lava DARWESH (Iraq)
Lava Omer DARWESH لاڤە عمر دەروێش (poet, translator; Iraq) graduated from the American University of Iraq with degrees in Business and English Literature. In her native city of... More...
Flowers for Othello
A collaborative performance.
On the Map 2019: CHAN Ping-chiu 陳炳釗 (Hong Kong)
CHAN Ping-chiu 陳炳釗 (drama; Hong Kong) is the founder the experimental theater group Sand & Bricks for young artists, the artistic director of the On & On Theatre... More...
On the Map 2019: CHAN Lai-kuen  陳麗娟 (Hong Kong)
CHAN Lai-kuen  陳麗娟 (poetry, essays; Hong Kong), whose blog handle is “Dead Cat,” is a poet, a public speaker, and teacher. Her three books include [There Were... More...
On the Map 2019: Sam MENGHESTEAB (Eritrea)
Samuel MENGHESTEAB ሳሙኤል መንግስትኣብ (fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry; Eritrea) is the author of the Tigrigna story anthology Seb ziseanet seb, and a regular... More...
On the Map 2019: Yamkela TYWAKADI (South Africa)
Yamkela TYWAKADI (fiction, nonfiction, South Africa) is a novelist, publisher, performer, and the founder of Blank Page Edu, a company that develops mobile apps and... More...
On the Map 2019: Soukaina HABIBALLAH (Morocco)
Soukaina HABIBALLAH (poetry, fiction, screenwriting; Morocco) has four poetry collections and one novel [The Barracks] (2016), with a second novel forthcoming in 2019.... More...

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