Courses taught on the UI campus

Old Cap

International Writing Program's core courses are closely related to our Fall Residency. In International Literature Today [IWP: 3191] students read the prose and poetry of the visiting writers, who then offer informal lectures to place their work in a wide variety of literary and cultural contexts. In the International Translation Workshop [IWP: 5205] selected visiting writers collaborate with graduate students of languages and literatures, or creative writing, to bring their texts into English.

on-campus courses

  • IWP: 3191: 001 International Literature Today
  • IWP: 5205: 001 International Translation Workshop


  • IWP: 048:259: Translation and (New) Media
  • Creative Writing Workshop (non-credit): University of Iowa / American University in Beirut (AUB)
  • 181:101:EXV Creative Writing Poetry Workshop: University of Iowa / Glasgow University (Scotland)
  • 181:101:EXW Native American & Maori Reading Group: University of Iowa / New Zealand
  • 048:110 Cinema and Translation
  • 181:152 America in Other Words

Happening Now

  • Just completed: “Sense of Belonging,” a bilingual Iowa City + Paris-based podcast series commissioned by Walid Rachedi and produced by NFW grad students in both cities, with support of the US Embassy in Paris.

  • Word has just reached us of the sudden death, in his hometown Gdańsk, of the novelist, poet, essayist, and playwright Paweł Huelle. RIP.

  • “I regret that poems can’t serve as witnesses in military tribunals; they can only testify in the court of history,” writes Iya Kiva in an essay for the project “War Is… Ukrainian Writers on Living Through Catastrophe.”

  • Congratulations to novelists Mansoura Ez-Eldin and Taleb Al-Refai for placing on the 2023 finalist list of the prestigious Prix de la littérature arabe.


  • Samuel Kolawole’s first novel, The Road to the Salt Sea, is announced for a July 2024 release.

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