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Massive Open Online Courses for Creative Writing

In 2014 the IWP announced its first MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), which offer opportunities for the study and practice of creative writing and literary analysis to participants around the... More

MOOCs, Off-Campus Courses & Outreach

Distance Learning offers a year-round program of web-based courses, exchanges, and events whose goal is to encourage worldwide cultural and creative exchange—the IWP’s principal mission. Distance... More

Undergraduate and Graduate Level

International Writing Program's core courses are closely related to our Fall Residency. In International Literature Today [181;191/IWP 3191] students read the prose and poetry of the visiting writers... More

During each fall residency, two academic courses connect UI students with the IWP writers: the undergraduate-level International Literature Today (181:191 / IWP: 3191), and the graduate-level International Translation Workshop (181: 205 / IWP:5205). Check ISIS for additional fall and spring courses.

In collaboration with academic institutions and literary communities worldwide, the IWP Distance Learning Program offers English-language courses centered around the theme of creative writing. Along with MOOCs, which are free and open to anyone who wishes to take them, the DL Program offers various online exchanges and open-application courses. For more information, please visit the Distance Learning page.

On-Campus Courses

Distance Learning Courses