How to Nominate a Writer

The INTERNATIONAL WRITING PROGRAM (IWP) does not offer funding for its residents. We may refer eligible candidates to contacts at U.S. Embassy or Consular offices abroad, or to one of the cultural agencies with whom we hold exchange agreements (including U.S.-based foundations and the arts councils of other countries). Please visit Fall Residency Questions for further information.

Who is a qualified writer?

  • The candidate should be primarily a writer of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama, or screenplays. Literary translators, journalists, and biographers have also participated, but those candidates must also display a comparable track record in one of the creative genres (listed earlier).
  • The candidate should have at least one published book or volume, or a sizable number of works in significant publications (anthologies, journals, literary magazines) over the last two years.
  • The candidate should also display forms of national or local recognition for their literary work.
  • The candidate must have a facility in speaking English sufficient to benefit from a 10-week writing residency where intensive discussion of literary and cultural issues forms a vital part of the experience. (Competency with spoken English is also now a visa requirement.)
  • The candidate must also be comfortable with cross-cultural dynamics and interested in close interaction with artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • The candidate should not be a resident of, nor currently residing in, the United States.
  • The candidate must provide:
    • 10 to 15 pages of work in both the original language and as translated into English that gives a good sense of the writer’s strengths and style.
    • A literature-based CV or resume.

To nominate a writer, please read through the Fall Residency Questions section to make sure the candidate is qualified, and then if so, have ready to upload:

  1. The candidate's 10-15 page writing sample (in a .doc or .docx file)
  2. The candidate's CV

Then, you may fill out an online nomination form here.


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