IWP Online Campus

The IWP Online Campus provides the IWP's creative writing and literature MOOCs as widely-accessible MOOC-Packs for anyone who wishes to use them in a local, community-based study group or workshop. Each MOOC-Pack provides a MOOC’s course content, along with teaching tools for use in a group setting. These toolkits are designed to be used by anyone, anywhere in the world; you do not need prior teaching experience to lead your own group!

The IWP's MOOC-Packs serve as complete archives of past MOOCs.

Access IWP's Free MOOC-Packs here: http://www.distancelearningiwp.org

Interested in Leading Your Own Group?

MOOC-Packs provide course content and teaching tools for your use in a group study, classroom, or workshop setting, but you can structure your group in any way you would like. If you'd like more information, advice for leading a study group/workshop, or assistance finding a public space to lead a group, please feel free to email us at distancelearning.iwp@gmail.com

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