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  • Superb reviews for The Play of Dolls,  Kunwar Narain's classic 1971 story collection, translated from the Hindi by Apurva Narain and Johnny Vater, recently a research assistant at IWP

  • An exhibit about the IWP, co-curated by SHIBASAKI Tomoka (IWP 2016) and TAKIGUCHI Yūshō (IWP 2018) for the Hachinohe Book Center, was recently covered by Japan's most prominent newspaper, the Asahi Shinbun.



  • On the long-running Indian culture blog The Middle Stage, Chandrahas CHOUDHURY (IWP '10) casts a new light on women and/in books in India's 19th c literary landscape. 


  • "The Rose" by Soukaina HABIBALLAH (IWP'19), translated from the Arabic by Kareem James Abu Zeid, graces the front page of Words Without Borders on this Valentine's Day 2019...



  • A new book of poems, this time in an English translation, by the prolific Ester DISCHEREIT (IWP '17).


  • Kristian Sendon CORDERO (IWP '17) co-edited a special issue of Words Without Borders on writing in the Philippines. Its range of poetry in the country's many languages includes Filipino work of Genevieve ASENJO (IWP '12).

  • Muhamed "Nabo" ABDELNABI (Egypt, IWP '13) has been awarded France's 2019 Prix de la littérature arabe for his 2016 novel, published last year in the UK as In the Spider's Room .

  • Over on  Asymptote, in English and Cantonese, the long poem " The Man Who Lost His Shadow,"  by Hong Kong poet and editor Stuart LAU (IWP '17).

  • On fish-paste English and cheddar-English: a long interview at LARB (Los Angeles Review of Books) about language, politics, and language politics with Burmese poet and worker KO KO THETT (IWP '16).

  • Behind the 2018+ 2019 Nobel Prizes for Literature given to novelists Peter Handke  and Olga Tokarczuk are translators--one key among them Jennifer CROFT, novelist as well as translator from the Polish, Ukrainian, and  Spanish. Congratulations!


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