Perseverance Promotes

Ahmed Adawe Ma'ow

  1. I was born in 1991 and I was my parents' child they had.
  2. We fled from Somalia, especially Mogadishu.
  3. We came towards Kenya when the war was going on in Mogadishu.
  4. We came to Libo and we enrolled as refugees which is under Dadab as the manifesto of United Agency.
  5. We relocated to Hagardera refugee camp.
  6. When we came Hagardera has peace and unity, love prevailed in Hagardera and we got peace and stability there.
  7. We got free education which is under Care International.
  8. We got improved facilities such as medicine and free food.

Poem about Disease

AIDS, AIDS, AIDS you tortured
And you tormented us
You have taken the potential
People in the society, where
On earth do we hail from.

Listen to my bitter song of
Lamentation the pain and
Clamor of my youth,
I cry for the vanishing
Of my youth and light
That was my future.

Oh! HIV and AIDS are here
And there in the East
And West, North and South.

AIDS doesn't have
Religion, nation and
Tribe, it has no
Border and color
So AIDS is a deadly

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