Believe me or not

Mohamed Abdullahi Jama

It was one of the evenings in the year 2004 I left the Hagadera market towards the village that I was heading to near the market. There was a very big dump. When I was passing near that dump a very smart girl talked to me. When I looked at her she was a girl that attracted all my feeling and the dump became like a big city with upstairs. She welcomed me into the city and to my amusement and surprise there was a good and wide intersecting road, a well constructed government institution. The girl told me that we shall marry each other, my father is one of the tycoons in the city and he will give us a good place to survive. Really I accepted we got married and we lived a happy and exciting life and she gave birth for me 4 children, but unfortunately we fight one night and I bruised her seriously and in the morning I saw myself lying in a garbage area behind the dump.

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