Writers from Uzbekistan

2004 Resident

Sabit MADALIEV is a prominent figure in Russian-language literature of Central Asia. His work embraces modern and traditional Uzbeki themes and poetry genres; he seeks to express them in traditional as well as in contemporary, often Western, forms. From 1991 to 1996 he was the editor of The Star of the East , an influential, post-independence literary journal in Tashkent. He has published ten books of poetry and fiction, as well as essays on issues of democracy and national problems in Central Asia. An orchestrated campaign led to his ouster from The Star of the East, and to a publishing blacklist. Subsequently he worked on a World Bank Project, aimed at publicizing the Aral Sea ecological disaster; more recently, however, his dissenting views have made it impossible to find work. His last two books are Rubai quatrains, aimed to give new life to a medieval poetic genre. After a nine-month wait for a visa, he will spend a year at the University of Iowa, serving as the International Program's first Public Intellectual. He is participating courtesy of the Institute for International Education.

2004 Resident

Trained in philology, fluent in Uzbek, Russian and English, and a member of the Young Poets and Translators of Uzbekistan, a poetry school at the Tashkent National University, Aazam ABIDOV is an award-winning poet whose translations into English featured the work of Usmon Nosir and Chulpon, prominent voices of the Uzbek intelligentsia. His own poetry volumes include Miracle is on the Way (2000), released in Uzbek and English, and Love in My In (2000), in Uzbek; individual poems have appeared in numerous anthologies. Mr. Abidov also co-edited the Uzbek translation of Muslim Life in America. He is participating courtesy of the Department of State.

Salomat VAFO
2009 Resident

Salomat VAFO has published the story collections Farida, [‘A Woman Seeking for Herself’], [‘The Heart’s Angel’] and 9/1, and the novels [‘The Adventures of a Wanderer’] and the award-winning [‘An Empire of Mystery’]. Her story [‘A Woman in the Sunset’] was filmatized, and she directed the documentary [‘A White Dress’]. A human rights activist, she received a state prize for her TV program [‘Essence’] about the Soviet-era “cotton case” proceedings. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the US Department of State.

Alina Dadaeva
2012 Resident

Alina DADAEVA (poet, fiction writer; Uzbekistan) has worked as a reporter and correspondent for Зеркало XXI [Mirror XXI], Бизнес-вестникВостока [Business Report of the East], Новый век [The New Century] and Леди [The Lady]. Her poetry has appeared in Вдохновение[The Inspiration], an almanac of young Uzbek poets, and in the literary journals День и ночь [Day and Night], Звезда [The Star], Новая Юность [The New Youth], and Звезда Востока [The Star of the East]. Dadaeva’s first collection of poetry, Предчувствие [The Presentiment], was published in 2010. She participates thanks to a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.

2015 Resident

Guzal BEGIM (poet, translator; Uzbekistan) is an editor at the Uzbeki children’s magazine Ghuncha, and a reporter. She has three poetry collections, the most recent being Majnunsoat (2012), and a number of poems in international anthologies. She participates courtesy of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.

2021 Resident

Khosiyat RUSTAMOVA (poet, journalist, editor; Uzbekistan) has since the mid-1990s published ten poetry volumes; her poetry has been translated into some 30 languages. She herself translates poetry from the Russian, the Turkish, and the Azerbaijani into Uzbek. A recipient of national awards in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, in 2018 she won the International Poetry Festival in Thailand for her poetry.  She is the editor-in-chief of the [World of the Books] magazine. Her participation is made possible by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State.

Happening Now

  • A fall harvest of book reviews coming in: of The Others by Sarah BLAU (translated from the Hebrew by Daniella Zamir); of LO Yi-Chin’s Farewell, translated from the Chinese by Jeremy TIANG; of Véronique TADJO’s In the Company of Men

  • A fascinating interview with IWP’s Senior Advisor, professor Peter Nazareth, retired from UI’s English Department in spring 2021, after nearly five decades of teaching.

  • Word reaches us that poet HU Xudong  胡续冬, who also taught comparative and world literatures at Peking University (Beida), specializing in Latin American literatures, passed away unexpectedly. RIP, Hu Xudong…

  • We note with sadness the passing of Hiroshi SAKAGAMI 坂上 弘, whose long novelistic career garnered him major literary and cultural honors. A former president of the Japan Writers’ Association, he was until his retirement also the director of Keio University Press.

  • The poetic documentary Songs Still Sung: Voices from the Tsunami Shores, written and co-produced by Takako ARAI and creatively subtitled into English by a class of UI students of Japanese, will be screened at the prestigious Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, on-line 10/7-14/2021.

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