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Of the decade...


Voting for the Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards Book of the Decade has begun! And it features two IWP Alum, John Banville and Sebastian Barry!

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Local Hero

When President Obama came to Iowa City yesterday to mark the passing of his new health insurance reform bill, he not only cleverly used Prairie Lights Books as an example of a small business about to get a new tax break to keep its employees covered. He also had the wits to go in and actually purchase some books.

IWP Fall Residency 2009 Pt. III: All Too Short A Term

All too often writers-in-residence at the IWP have to leave us early. In 2009, Hanaa Hijazi and Fflur Dafydd had to say their goodbyes all too soon, but with the help of fellow-participants, left us with one incredible music video!

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Continental Aside

Recent articles on African literature feature the names of prominent IWP alumni:

A Guardian blog post mentioning Veronique Tadjo (Cote d'Ivoire, 2006).

And an article in Al Ahram on the former director of the African Writers Series, which includes the work of Bessie Head (Botswana, 1977) and Cyprian Ekwensi (Nigeria, 1974).

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Arabic lit translation: a Cairo perspective

The indispensible Common Review links to a long piece in The National (out of Abu Dhabi) on the distinguished literary translator Humphrey Davies and his perspective on the history, the skills, the politics and the special concerns that arise in translating out of the Arabic. It's also interesting to hear that a new academic translation program is opening up in Cairo.

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IWP Fall Residency 2009 Pt. I: The Landscape

As if winter weather advisories weren’t enough to remind us of the spoils of January, bloggers web-wide dot the i’s: inundated with Best Of lists, and anticipations of the coming State of the Union address, January doesn’t seem to exist much at all except to provide a month for looking ahead, as well as behind. And with old man winter comfortably settled across the Midwest, we look back on the year, and the residency, that was.

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Comp Lit

Todays' ice and snow outside my window make the peacock-rich hot-pink Jaipur Literary Festival seem particularly appealing. Available more immediately at hand, meanwhile, is Wapsipinicon Almanac, hand-edited, typeset in lead, resolutely local, undistracted.

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A campaign by Wieden+Kennedy for Levi's, this highlights footage of Walt Whitman from the Walt Whitman Archive.

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