Abstract Oneness


The night lasts longer than life
Briefer than ice. When everything deforms and evaporates in the dark
Meticulous words come only from the stars
We are dim and pale like a gray rock.

Leaning over the black spring water
You’d taste its blade, licking its
Icy chill reflection of the shadow behind you
Blade is a kind of deprivation
A kind of silence as well
Black spring water beyond comprehension
Endless repetitive histories
Trivial desires that get lost

Never could I clearly explain
Black is definitely a liquid
Bringing all sounds under its wings
All sounds have a reverse
To which you listen with the utmost respect
Only to approach that silence of horror

One must drift through the wind to hear the forest
Touch lamplights to pacify the stars
Block all possibilities before imagining for once the mirage
And nail yourself to nihility
Before you can identify the structure of the world, which certainly is worth
Pondering, and you shall meet, after a sensory collapse,
Your splintered hands

Stars being witnessed
Are dead for billions of years
All words are notes left by the deceased
The reverse of sounds
Are the sounds themselves.
A fleeting and feeble night
With a clearly defined structure: blade, black, deprive, silence
They’re doubtless the same thing:
Pain. Pain cannot be understood nor shared
Therefore we stay with each other