Urdu Drama Serial:-

Episode# 1

Scene No. 01

Location: Jungle
Characters: Akbar, Nazo
Time: Night.


The eerie ambience owes to the thunder storm and heavy rain; the frame opens with a crane shot focusing on a bunch of dense grown trees. Two character silhouettes, Nazo and Akbar. grow out of the darkness in the moonlight from a distance through a top shot. As they approach the camera, the crane dismounts and the characters. maintaining a distance from each other, walk out of the frame. Nazo leads in a trance with a zombie-like feel to her, wherea, Akbar’s face bears no expression.

The thunder rumbles.


Scene No. 02

Location: Jungle.
Characters: Akbar, Nazo.
Time: Night.


This scene succeeds the previous. Here the camera tracks and focuses at a tree trunk. Nazo and Akbar are shown coming to a halt at a comparatively roomy area through a mid shot. The distance between the two is still alive. Nazo turns to attempt a mournful glance at Akbar. Akbar shifts his gaze away. Nazo kneels down and bows her head. Akbar comes closer to her back and glances at her and places his hand on her head with a forlon expression to it. Nazo responds with an eyeful and then her eyes reach out to the sky, and covers her head with shawl. Akbar walks a few steps away from her. Here the camera establishes a long shot Akbar’s hand bearing a gun that appears out of his shawl. The sound of fire is muffled by the noise of thunder and Nazo drops dead.
The ear splitting sound of lightning.

Scene No. 03

Location: Living quarter of a police station of a village.
Characters: Inspector Aslam, Constable Nazeer.
Time: Night.


The rain continues. Inspector Aslam is shown sleeping in a quarter on a charpai (bed) through a master shot. Constable Nazeer appears at the window and peeps in, then rushes in to the room wake him up. The inspector wakes up in mayhem and throws an angry look at Nazeer. Nazeer replies with a panicked expression.



Scene No. 04

Location: Police station of village.
Characters: Inspector Aslam, Constable Nazeer, Incharge Bhati and Constable
Sawar Khan.
Time: Night.


Akbar’s eyes are fixed in a deadly gaze with his hands on a table, whereas Incharge Bhati is shown looking at Akbar with dreadful surprise. The same table bears the gun with which Nazo was shot dead. Constable Sawar Khan is also staring at Akbar with his eyes wide open. Inspector Aslam and Nazeer walk in hastily. Sawar Khan salutes , whereas in charge Bhati stands up. Akbar remains stationary.



Inspector: (glancing at the pistol) Hey Akbar! What have you done?
Akbar keeps quiet)

Incharge Bhati: He claims to have murdered his sister, now he is here to

Akbar: I didn’t murder her (staring Moharar Bhati with annoyance).
I set her free……set her free indeed.


Scene No. 05

Location: Haveli’s veranda.
Characters: Choudhry Shahid, Goga, Bashira, Musicians, Friends of Choudhry
and Singer.
Time: Night


The scene starts with the harmonium (musical instrument) being played while the singer sings a ghazal (classical song) connection between drugs and life, depicting Choudhry Shahid’s spoilt nature. The gathering is at its peak and everyone is shown consuming alcohol. Choudhry Shahid is in the center of attention. Goga and Bashira are shown walking in. Goga comes to sit near Choudhry Shahid and gives a lewd look at the singer.

Goga: Mr. Junior Choudhry (Choudhry shots him a distasteful look)

Ch Shahid: Hey, get the hell out of here……don’t be a kill joy,you… you dead.


Goga: (attempting to wink) Mr. Junior Choudhry! Death to our enemies…..
there’s good news.

Ch Shahid: Good news?

Goga: Oh yes! Voluminous …… Your lucky stars are on a hike.

Ch Shahid: Oh, don’t concoct stories…… spit it out…..Found a new
mermaid did u?

Goga: The mermaid died her own death, to be precise.

Ch Shahid: Don’t bark…..elaborate already or I shall fix you a hand.

Goga: I shall die for your hand….Nazo fairy, the deer, remember,
was shot dead by his own brother, and his brother surrendered
to cops a little while ago.

Ch Shahid: (is shocked at first and then his expressions transform into devilish
look) Oh I’m glad, I am happy ……. Wow, beautiful.

Goga: Oh yes! Beautiful……. The thorn vanished by itself.

Ch Shahid: (flinging a wad of rupees (money) toward Goga) there you go. Enjoy!!
(the other wad to the singer).






Scene No. 06


Location: MPA’S Office
Characters: MPA, Choudhry Hamid Nisar, Choudhry Iftikhar, MPA’S
Time: Day.


The camera establishes a long shot showing a table of Hamid Nisar, Choudhry Iftikhar sipping tea and sitting on a sofa, and Hamid Nisar is shown rushing in and his secretary follows holding files.

Hamid Nisar: I’m really sorry to make you wait for so long, Choudhry Iftikhar.

Ch Iftikhar: (greeting) Don’t embarrass Mr. Minister. For you a lifetime could
be spent waiting.

Hamid Nisar: (sitting in his chair, whereas secretary places the file on the
table.) Laugh out loud…..this political out spread has made my
life impossible. (To the secretary) You go get these files signed
later. Choudhry is a chum, he is here from far.

Secretary: Right sir (attempts to leave).

Hamid Nisar: And yes, I don’t want any disturbance
from the people outside. (Secretary nods his head and leaves).
Now tell, how is it in your village?


Ch Iftikhar: So far so good, Sir…… we owe it to you but……..

Hamid Nisar: But …. What?

Ch Iftikhar: A rumor has made it hard to breathe, Mr. Minister.

Hamid Nisar: What kind of rumor? And what terror does this rumor hold?

Ch Iftikhar: The rumor is spread in the whole village that the
Government intends to convert the village Primary school to the middle
stage and then………….

Hamid Nisar: (Laughs out loud and gets up. Choudhry Iftikhar also stands up)
Government? Government belongs to Choudhry Hamid Nisar
…..Member of Provisional Assembly……we have this seat come
to us through generations.

Ch Iftikhar: That’s precisely what I want …….. That this ancestral right of yours
should be until the judgment day……your power is my strength,
in shadman you never had opposition vote cast against you till
the date…but………..

Hamid Nisar: (cut him off) but you fear that my seat will be in danger if the
poor is provided with education … right?

Ch Iftikhar: Not only your seat but my choudhryism (powers) as well……The
whole village breathes under my feet yet…..and if…..

Hamid Nisar: These political claims…this all is a cooked staged out crap. Don’t
let this get to you. This all is to feed newspapers and not the
poor, stay strong on your feet, leave the rest on me.

Ch Iftikhar: You are our turban, Mr. Minister….. Now I am relaxed.

Hamid Nisar: Good! There you go! Now help me relax, too. Send some wheat,
man…..There is a lot of demand from Afghanistan.

Ch Iftikhar: Tonight I will definitely send trolleys to your factory from the

Hamid Nisar: and don’t forget to throw a bone to the police…..shall find you’re
way clear.

Ch Iftikhar: (laughing a sinister laugh) no worries…. just relax…. Here I go,
and there it will happen. (Both share a laugh).



Scene No. 07

Location: Graveyard.
Characters: Maulvi, Sanaullah, 2 or 3 villagers.
Time: Day.


This is a montage of 20 to 30 seconds in which Maulvi, Sanaullah and a few villagers are shown burying Nazo furtively. The use of crane is recommended.



Scene No. 08

Location: Shirin’s house
Characters: Shirin, Ama Nasibo, Noor Muhammad.
Time: After Noon.


Camera will open from the close of Shirin; she will start playing Mud pot (traditional music instrument). Then she starts to sing a local folk song. (Tappa) Shirin is beautifully introduced in this scene, meanwhile camera cuts on an open window showing Ama Nasibo closing the windows looking around in mayhem as a reaction to Shirin’s singing. Then appearing at the door and shutting it too.

Nasibo: Shut up…. Stop this whore business.

Shirin: (stops singing unpleasantly) what Ama? Just singing a folk
song (tappa)


Nasibo: Kill this song in your throat.

Shirin: Why? Shouldn’t I make use of my voice if I am blessed with it?

Nasibo: You indeed are blessed with a beautiful face and a pleasant voice,
but no regards by men to this.

Shirin: Who men? What kind of men? Who cares? I am singing alone in
my own house, come sit and listen my new folk song (tappa)

Nasibo: Dooms day would not be late if your songs let out of the house on the

Shirin: (gets up abruptly and places the “matka” mud pot traditional music
instrument on the stand) What the hell now! I wonder if breathing
will be prohibited too in this village in coming days.

Nasibo: Trust Choudhry’s for this.

Shirin: Ama! I am preparing for Nazo’s wedding. Now don’t you tell me not to
attend the wedding.
(Noor Muhammad is shown entering instantly and happens to catch
the tail end of Shirin’s conversation attempts to say something but is
caught by a fit of coughing. Ama orders Shirin to get water. Shirin
brings him water and he drinks it to be able to resume breathing).

Noor: Nazo’s wedding you wouldn’t really be able to attend now… (Shirin
with a taken aback look). What to say about wedding her body
couldn’t be raised from her house.

Nasibo: I will be dead (drops on a charpai) why are you breaking this hell on
us Noor Muhammad? (Shirin is in state of shock).

Noor: This hell is broken by Choudhry’s Nasibo….. Nazo was just buried
by Sanaullah and a few villagers discreetly.

Nasibo: (crying) Oh Lord, what tyranny is this? Oh Lord, why you don’t
punish them with your anger…..Oh poor Nazo….. Princess that she

Noor: Currently the whole village is under their cruel rules.


Nasibo: (a thought comes to her) Nazo’s Brother Akbar? Where is he?

Noor: Akbar was the one who freed her soul from miseries…… he is behind
bars. Sanaullah just went to see him. (Shirin starts crying hysterically).



Scene No. 09

Location: Lockup.
Characters: Akbar, Sanaullah, Sawar Khan.
Time: Day.


The camera dolly pans on Akbar’s solo by establishing Sanaullah in the OTS.

Akbar: (his head is down trying to muster up his courage) I am confused,
Sanaullah…. Either thank you, or hit myself to death with these

Sanaullah: You Don’t have to do any of these. Tomorrow I will go to the city to
arrange a lawyer for you.

Akbar: No! I don’t need one…… I have admitted my crime already….
I have surrendered myself…..

Sanaullah: You turned out to be a highly emotional man……. Could have
consulted me at least…….. We collaborate ………

Akbar: (cuts him off) they’ve thrown Nazo in mango fields…… was breathing
but dead…… Maulvi Karam Deen covered her with his shawl.
Bleeding from the scratches on her body, turned the white
shawl into red in no time.

Sanaullah: Fields are not that far away…… someone might have witnessed
them throwing her.

Akbar: Why not…. Many witnessed the kidnapping too, but……… Who
would be gutsy enough to give a testimony in this village?
who would break centuries old conventions? Yet we see no
Moses for the pharaoh of this village

Sanaullah: But killing Nazo was no solution Akbar. What was her fault?

Akbar: Her fault was to have come in the sight of Choudhry Shahid and
his hungry stags. Wish I could kill those rascals but Nazo placed
me under this oath.

Sanaullah: Oath? What do you mean?

Akbar: I headed to kill Choudhry Shahid holding a pistol but she begged
at my feet….. She said brother me instead of killing them…… you
can’t combat those wolves…… How would I survive if something
happened to you….. The world wouldn’t let me breathe….. Nazo
pleaded in front of me like anything…… My princess was right…..
we dwell in a jungle where the Choudhrys are kings…. The law is
theirs as well as the power……When they want they crush us
under their feet…….. Oh Lord! Don’t bless anyone with a daughter
or sister in this village……….don’t bless anyone with a daughter
or sister (starts hitting himself with the bars in hysteria. Sanaullah
is speechless).

Sawar Khan: (comes all breathless) Hey stop all drama….. Sanaullah Bro
you go…… Inspector expected anytime….. I’d be doomed…. Out
you go ……. Right away….. (Sanaullah gets up unwillingly).

Sanaullah: This tyranny would stop if there was some human in your
uniform. (Leaves)

Sawar Khan: (thinkingly) Human in a uniform? If not a human at least a
Pathan (tribe) and so much human in uniform yeah…….


Scene No. 10

Location: Farm house.
Characters: Inspector Uzair, Police men’s, team of news channel, girls and
Time: Night.


Camera opens up to the flickering of disco lights. An elite class crowd of boys and girls are shown, party at its peak at a farm house. Everyone is boozing and doping around. A bunch of girls and boys are shown dancing by the pool side all tipsy. After sometime a police raid will be shown in the inter cut after registering the atmosphere, whose live coverage is being done by a news channel. Escaping has proven failed. Inspector Uzair is introduced in a very stylish and handsomely. Narcotics are also recovered from a room in large quantity.
Note: The divisioning of this scene needs to be discussed with the director.



Scene No. 11

Location: DIG Ibraheem’s TV Lounge.
Characters: DIG Ibraheem
Time: Night.


The camera dollies out of a TV screen and establishes this scene. DIG Ibraheem in a shock and uneasily watching a live coverage of the event of scene # 10 with a coffee mug in his hand. Suddenly the mobile rings. He mutes the TV and attends the ph.

DIG: Hello…. Yes Sir…. (Instantly straightens up)….yes…. I am watching Sir……I
understand……..Right sir……. Don’t you worry, I will see to it …. Ok sir….
(Hangs up the phone and resumes watching TV angrily. Then switches offand
the screen blackens).


Scene No. 12

Location: Meerab’s flat (kitchen, lounge)
Characters: Meerab, Asif Sherazi (V/O)
Time: Night.


Camera moves from the black screen on a short track from behind fridge or wall, showing Meerab cooking something. Phone bell overlaps. Meerab comes in the lounge followed by the camera picks up the phone.

Meerab: Hello…Hi!

Asif Sherazi: (just the voice) Hi Meerab! What’s up…..?

Meerab: Cooking boss …… what else?

Asif Sherazi: (just the voice) Leave whatever you are doing and switch on the

Meerab: (looking for the remote) Boss, everything ok?

Asif Sherazi: Nope….. Extremely explosive news is being run…. Watch it and
hurry, get yourself ready…… I need more headlines.

Meerab: Seems like a hot issue…. (Finds the remote)

Asif Sherazi: Yes… sizzling hot.
(Phone disconnected, Meerab switches on TV, Inspector Uzair
raid is being shows over. Inspector Uzair’s face shown by taking
interview. Meerab’s BCU.)
Scene No. 13

Location: Veranda of Shirin’s home.
Characters: Shirin, Noor Mohammad, Nasibo, Sanaullah.
Time: Night.


Camera shows pillar in foreground on a track shot showing Noor Mohammad. He is coughing hysterically, and Shirin comes with medicine and water in her hands. She gives her father the medicine. Nasibo serves food to Noor Mohammad. Nasibo is wearing a dopatta around her forehead as a remedy for the headache. Sanaullah walks in with a horrible expression on his face. All three turn to him. Nasibo attempts to say something, but Sanaullah motions his hand to stop her. He moves towards his room, stops and turns …. Stares at Shirin.


Sanaullah: (To Shirin) From today onwards…… Without my permission……….
don’t cross the threshold of this house. Stay in.
(He moves inside. All look at each other surprisingly).


Scene No. 14

Location: A huge room of Haveli or huge veranda (dera).
Characters: Choudhry Iftikhar, Choudhry Shahid, Goga, 1 servant.
Time: Night.


Camera opens up keeping Choudhry Iftikhar’s huqa in foreground. He takes 1 or 2 long drags and addresses to his servant. Goga and Choudhry Shahid are also standing but they aren’t in the frame yet.

Ch Iftikhar: Hey go … and get these colas smouldering….. Damn taste no…..
No good.

Servant: Whatever you say master! (He disappear taking huqa with him.
Choudhry Shahid’s expressions are irritated whereas Goga is
carrying a pitiful look on purpose).

Ch Iftikhar: Hey! They are not goats, they are girls……. Whenever you are
starving you slaughters them…… Bridle up your horse’s son

Times have changed. Even one mistake can fix you up.

Ch Shahid: Father it wasn’t my fault really……. What do we do if ripen mango
comes falling down itself.

Ch Iftikhar: Get married if you have developed a taste for mangoes…….
why do you probe into other’s gardens?

Ch Shahid: Others gardens? Father you claim to rule this village these fields,
everything and all villagers are our servants. Don’t you?

Ch Iftikhar: (stands up, approaches them but without stopping stands ahead
of them). That’s how it is …….There is no doubt that Shadman
is our territory…… If only you go through history then you will
you understand.

Ch Shahid: (surprisingly) History?

Ch Iftikhar: Yes history…….. Mughal emperor’s extravagance led them
towards downfall.

Ch Shahid: What does it have to do with me Father?

Ch Iftikhar: Hey dammit this all has to do with you………it’s been two years
years your mother passed away….You are the only child I
have…….. You should look after on the business of lands……
but you keep hunting girls on lands…… You waste the money in
you’re extravagant.

Ch Shahid: Father! Even you nurtured these hobbies…… As far as lands are
concerned, till you are alive I needn’t to worry, otherwise
if it comes to my head I will manage….. (Disappear Choudhry
reddens with anger)
Ch Iftikhar: Gogay! (In an echoing voice)

Goga: Yes master (In hassle)

Ch Iftikhar: Tell him to keep it low …… Our pampering spoiled him rotten.

Goga: Master you don’t worry …… Mr. Junior Choudhry is a little
temperamental after all he is your blood.

Ch Iftikhar: Hey! Don’t try to think those things which are larger than your
mind. Don’t stretch your skin you are a party as well…. I know
everything….. You all are lucky that Akbar set his sister six feet
under the ground….. Or else his gun fire could have came
our way.

Goga: Whatever you say master.

Ch Iftikhar: Be mild in future…. (Leaves)




Scene No. 15

Location: DIG office.
Characters: DIG Ibraheem, Inspector Uzair.
Time: Day.


The camera opens from DIG Ibraheem and tracks towards Inspector Uzair. Ibraheem is viewing a file whereas Uzair is standing alert. After flipping a few pages DIG attends to Uzair.

DIG: So! Who advised you to do so?

Uzair: Sir the informer posted me about it.
DIG: And since when you got interested in acting?

Uzair: Acting sir?

DIG: Yes dear! The cameras where everywhere to capture the live action
and the whole world witnessed the superman of police department.

Uzair: Sir! Shows concerning police department are being shown on various
TV Channels, I only involved them because the children of big guns,
tycoons in this criminal activity on the farm house……You know how
they influence after having arrested people like these.

DIG: Inspector Uzair the pressure of these bigwigs was hiking along the live
show. Do you even know that how many of those youngsters belong to
MPA’S, MNA’S and bureaucrat families?

Uzair: Yes sir.

DIG: Then I believe you are also aware of the fact that these kids have been
bailed out today morning, only the poor guards of the farm house have
been locked up as escape goats.

Uzair: No sir.

DIG: Oh I see! (Sarcastically) then you wouldn’t even know the reason why I
called you?

Uzair: No sir.

DIG: Well you have nicely managed to raise a hurricane owing to your
sensational shoe down last night. IG has shown his discontent
countless since morning. And you have been ordered to report to
Police Lines by leaving the charge of the police station.

Uzair: Right sir.

DIG: Ok … You may leave now.
(Uzair salute’s and walks out, DIG picks up the intercom).



Scene No. 16

Location: Ext of DIG office.
Characters: Inspector Uzair, Meerab. Crew and some people.
Time: Day.


The camera is on the crane but before opening, it would establish a top shot followed by Uzairz’s moments. Uzair walks out of DIG office the routine hustle bustle is shown outside. Uzair head towards the jeep in the parking lot Crane has already set on a top shot. No sooner than the constables is attempting to open the door for him that all of a sudden Meerab is shown coming in the TV channels van. The crew is shown getting equipped quickly. Meerab comes running towards Uzair holding mic. (Now the camera comes to close).

Meerab: Here asking you a few questions. Concerning your brave task
yesterday. Please…. (Nears a mic to him).

Uzair: Sorry! I don’t find myself in a position to answer your question.

Meerab: May I ask why?

Uzair: I am sorry but, I am off the case now. So excuse me
(Sits in the jeep and drive away. Meerab stands all surprise. The
crane again establishes the top shot).







Scene No. 17

Location: Asif Sherazi’s Office.
Characters: Asif Sherazi, Meerab
Time: Day.


The camera opens up on Asif Sherazi who is standing behind his table facing the window holding cup of coffee. Takes a sip and turns around.

Asif Sherazi: So he has been sidelined?

Meerab: I was expecting him to be promoted and given medals, awards.
he has done a great job indeed.

Asif Sherazi: Meerab we live in Pakistan not in Europe or America…
here is the other way round... Anyways Inspector Uzair’s raid
and Media coverage has managed to open up a Pandora box for
us. And we should make the most out of it.

Meerab: Boss! I want to interview Inspector Uzair exclusively.

Asif Sherazi: What do you expect from the interview of a terminated officer?

Meerab: He would get the reward he deserve through media and public
anyway but it could help us further with the case.

Asif Sherazi: Not a bad idea ….go look for him…..the interview should be live
and make sure it should be exclusively for our channel only……
You know what I mean.

Meerab: Don’t you worry boss……. I will do as u wish …….

Asif Sherazi: Good….. Best of luck…………


Scene No. 18

Location: Home of Shirin.
Characters: Sanaullah, Shirin, Noor Muhammad, Nasibo
Time: Day.


The camera opens up from Noor Mohammad…… showing Shirin massaging her father’s feet whereas Noor Mohammad is lifeless owning to coughing. Nasibo appears holding a bowl full of flour. Her head is still shown wearing a dopatta tightly around it.

Nasibo: Here you kneed some flour….. The temperature is getting to my
head, my body is all lifeless

Shirin: Ok Ama! (Grabs the bowl and heads towards the kitchen. Sanaullah
comes out dressed up).

Nasibo: Where you intend to go Son?

Sanaullah: City.

Noor: City (Coughs) everything alright?

Sanaullah: I have to see a lawyer regarding Akbar……And……..have to get
your medicines too.

Noor: The medicine has stopped affecting now Son….. I am not capable
enough to water the fields anymore I don’t believe…..

Sanaullah: How’d the medicine work unless you take rest…….. I’d take over
your job. You should stick to bed for at least month or two.

Nasibo: What good these fields have done to us……. Owned by someone
and ploughed by us……. Just diseases and ever hiking debts

Sanaullah: That’s the irony Mother…….. Choudhry’s have crippled the village
by entangling us in debts, The Haveli is progressing only, rest of
the village is going back to the centuries…….. I am leaving.

Shirin: (Appears in the door) Brother ……. (Sanaullah stops) My books?

Sanaullah: I’ll get them. (Leaves)



Scene No. 19

Location: Workshop.
Characters: Uzair, Mechanic.
Time: Afternoon.


The camera tracks out taking Uzair’s bike in the foreground. The mechanic kick starts a bike Uzair is also shown along with the track, wearing glasses. The mechanic takes a small test drive around Uzair and then brings it to a halt near Uzair.

Mechanic: There you go sir its all set from my side……… might as well go to
Russia on it.

Uzair: (approach him) Wow man why Russia…….. Why not in this city.

Mechanic: Oh I mean this horse power engine would not disappoint you. No
matter how much is the magnitude of the distance.

Uzair: Disappointments are linked to human beings only. These
machines. Only break down to get fix again.

Mechanic: (with less interest and understanding) yes ….. Yes…..

Uzair: How much?

Mechanic: Sir forgets about it….. You may go.

Uzair: Only because I m in the police?

Mechanic: (Embarrassingly) yes sir….. No sir….. Hmmmmm

Uzair: How much?

Mechanic: (scratching is head) hmmm 250 for the new plug, 70 for the front
light and the labour on your will. (Uzair stares at him) hmmm 150
labour Sir.

Uzair: (Landing over the money) 250-150-400 n 70 …. 470…..There you
go…. And listen it’s your right…… Never shy away asking for it…..
no matter who stands in front of you.
(Kicks the bike and zooms of the camera stops at the mechanic)



Scene No. 20

Location: Parking lot of Uzair’s area
Characters: Inspector Uzair, Meerab, Some kids.
Time: Day.


Camera opens to a long master crane shot. The children are playing in the parking lot. Uzair comes on the bike and park his bike wriggling through children. The crane dismounts following him move and establish him in a mid long. Uzair dismounts the bike and turns too the flat. Then astonishes and stop. Camera cuts and Meerab is shown standing alone. Closes of both of them.


Scene No. 21

Location: Shirin’s house.
Characters: Meerab, few kids.
Time: Day.


Noor Mohammad face enters in an empty frame showing him coughing hysterically. Nasibo enters in the second frame. Looks at Noor Muhammad then towards the ground where the blood lies owning to his cough, Nasibo runs nervously to get water from the mud pitcher (matka). Now the shot becomes master. As she picks the mud pitcher (matka) she pukes herself and the pitchers falls and break, the water spills. Noor Mohammad is constantly coughing and there Nasibo is puking without any letup. Shirin rushes in gets upset on the situation. Helps her mother.


Nasibo: Water ……. Ahhh I am dead...….. Get your father some……
(Shirin’s) tries pouring some water from the other pitcher, but that
is also empty)

Shirin: There is no water Ama! I’d to go fetch it from the well (holds the
Pitcher and attempts to leave)

Nasibo: Wait! You don’t go……. I will go myself

Shirin: What’s wrong Ama…..look at your condition…… Let me get it the
well is just close by.

Nasibo: Why do you want your Brother to kill you……? Wait don’t go…….

Shirin: I m not going to roam around………… What if Father Dies?
(Rushes out)



Scene No. 22

Location: Huge well of village
Characters: Shirin, Choudhry Shahid
Time: Day.


The camera on crane dismounts focusing some branch of a tree. Shirin comes running buckets the water from the well hastily. Turns immediately and starts running, in the foreground of this frame a jeep coming to a halt. The camera stops on Choudhry Shahid who is looking at Shirin all smitten.



The End.

 Translated by: Madiha Rizvi