Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

« I have come again and am shining like gold on the dusty road after years it is not the smell of soil it is the smell of my birthplace. »  —Mujib Mehrdad, The specks of birthplace

Who knows that what is sad?
What is doleful and so flat?
Each one seen it, each heart suffered
Even flowers of desert, became hopeless of that.
Fighting, Fighting! You are for what?
Put the...

Kabul, Afghanistan

Still you can see the blue under the nose
below Dia de los Muertos eye cavities,
glassy shine long splintered, littering
the dressing room to the afterlife
like the left-behind glitter
of a...


A short story by Mohibullah Zegham (from my first collection of short stories “Hill in the Human”)

Translated by Rashid Khattak

It was a market day. I had loaded 16 sacks full of potatoes in a truck and...


My heart is burning,

Every time I hear your name_

Wished I hadn’t been born;

It really gives me such pain.

How much you suffered!

No one knows_

How much were you tortured!...


Writing in eternal battlefields

Afghanistan is country of wars. It has been the center of great empires under the Kushans, Ghaznavids, Ghorids, Timurids, Durrani dynasties and so on… in fact, the Silk Road...



Something familiar
when you walk into town:
kids chase a rooster.
drying clothes flap in the sun,
old men play chess in the square.
They stare at first,
but later laugh with...


با یک بوسه
مزه گردن مرطوبی را امتحان کردم
با بوسه دیگر شانه برهنه ای را برای خودم نشانی کردم
(در جستجوی وطنی هستم)
و با بوسه سوم دست هایش را
که برعلیه من بودند
در پهلوهایش...


دلم گرفته با تو عاشق نبودی اصلآ

قلب مرا شکستی هیچگاه نبودی با من

در اوج رویا با تو دنیایی ساخته بودم

یک قلب پر زعشق...


You are my heart, you are my soul;
You are dream, as I see whole_
You are the dew on red flowers;
And that missing at each hours.
You are sun set, you are sun light;
You seem star each half...


She always wished
To see the sea...

میتوان در ژرفنای یک نگاه
تا به اوج آسمان حتی رسید
میتوان در یک نگاه ساده ای
درد یک عشق نهانی را کشید
میتوان با دیدن یک ارغوان
حس شگفتن را بیدار ساخت
میتوان در اقیانوس آبی عشق