Saisam Trunk, Traditional Bridal Trunk

Saisam trunk, the bride trunk

( a trunk used to be given to newly married brides in Hijaz region)

I once asked my mother about my grandmother special trunk, the one that every bride used to have when she got married. She said, no, your grandmother was different, she never had one because she was married outside Arabia, and your grandfather was poor at the time, while this trunk was expensive and sophisticated. I know my family was not that simple but that is a different story I'm not going to mention now.
Apparently, we don't have this kind of furniture in our heritage as a family. When my mother was married she didn't have one because at her time, saisam trunk is no longer considered an important piece of furniture to accompany a newly married maid.

But I always liked the idea of this trunk. To have something so beautiful and precious where you can keep your secrets and valued gifts.

I'm not sure when does this tradition started, a wooden trunk, made from special wood comes from India, this wood called saisam, I'm sure there's a Latin name for it but I couldn't find it. The trunk is made in a very decorative way, with a lot of copper and carving to make it beautiful and worthy of a beautiful maid starting her new family.
The newly married girl will put in this trunk her clothes, perfumes, lotions (at the time they actually use oils for hair and body, different kinds of oils off course) and make up or whatever they use to use as make up. She might also put whatever she treasures and feel is impotant and precious. Some of these trunks have drawers and some have divisions that will make it easier for the bride to organize her belongings.
Well, I might look for one and buy it now, it won't be cheap, but then I'll consider it as an apology from my grandfather to my grandmother, and when someone asks me from where I got it, I'll answer with a great confidence, it was a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother.