Bodhgaya, India

Contributors: Kalpna Singh-Chitnis
Bodhgaya, India

« Bodygaya is a religious pilgrimage site for Buddhists. In 2002, Mahadodhi Temple become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. »

They are gypsies

bright, crisp and colorful,

like the blossoms in the desert.

The entire...


These poems depict the life of displaced people (victims of border terrorism), living in a refugee camp in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. They are taken from the poetry collection “Tafteesh Jari Hai” (The...


Silk Road, a series of trade routes, that connected the east and west stretching some 4000 miles like a multilayered necklace, had India like a pendant in the center, and Magadh as a precious stone set in it. What...


Here I want to share a secret of mine! When I write, I pretend to be in India.

As a writer, although I'm prepared to write anywhere, I prefer to write in a quiet corner of my home, away...


Excerpts from Bare Soul, a collection of poetry



You gave me nothing;

I had nothing to take care of,

nothing to worry about;

you set me free from...


This time when I boarded the plane

to return to the US, I felt a peace with in,

a peace that had finally retuned to me

after twenty years.

This time, I...


In my dreams,
I often trespass my ancestral lands,

looking for the centuries
hidden in the hills,

finding the history
lost in the sands,

searching for an oracle
safe in the...


He made a circle

we children sat around

the basket flipped open

and the earth got the goose-bumps.

The serpent vengefully raises its hood

and dashes...