Rustling Winds

Excerpts from Bare Soul, a collection of poetry


 You gave me nothing;

I had nothing to take care of,


nothing to worry about;

you set me free from everything.


You took everything away from me,

and became my prisoner for the lifetime. 





Every time when it has been plundered

my wealth has become double;


take my treasures away once again

 if needed,


without any disguise

 great masters! 





You want me to free you from guilt,

but I’m neither the lock, nor the key;

both are in your hands my friend,

set yourself free! 





I won’t question,

where you go when you are bewildered,


what you do,

who you spend your night with

I’m neither a beloved, nor a wife, 


I’m simply your home! 


My roof is to give the shade you need,

and my walls to keep you warm and safe,

without ever questioning your return.


My windows are to bring air and sunshine,

and my door to welcome

every time you return;


and like no other,

my heart like a wind chime to greet you

in the rustling winds;


 and like prayers, I travel in the air

when you set out to the destinations

known and unknown;


only to ensure your safe return home,

every time,

when you are lost!

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