Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

« If read carefully and observed cautiously, you will get to find the concealed meanings of all the poems and writings that were written for us hundreds of years ago. Bangla is like a key not everyone can possess, to a lock that everyone can see. »  —Mohammed Mostafa Irfan


The red luscious apple was well beyond her reach.

As her limbs stretch, adrenaline courses back and forth inside and just like that, out of nowhere, her thigh muscles stiffened and she slipped and...





New York, USA

The room echoed with occasional sniffs and gasps of misery; and eventually everything hushed to emptiness. The sound of silence reverberated through everyone’...


At dusk, after a light shower, the bonsais tremble in the breeze. When night deepens with the hissing rain, their tiny leaves and branches shake feverishly as if in a storm. From the deep recesses of their...


At midday when her eyes become moist and blurry from the searing heat, there is nothing that Deepa can do but sit idly, her head droopped over her open palms, counting her fingers. First those on her right hand – one...


Suleman was being dressed in fresh clothes after a long time. The heady smell of naphthalene coming out of the newly laid out dress tickled his nostrils, even the eyes and maybe the ears too. It's been a long time...


Through my voice

As I sit in front of this screen, I wonder what there is to learn from just a language I speak.

So, let’s take a step back shall we?

For starters, Bangla is a language with a...

The City of Dhaka