Serenade of Last Moments

Pieces of a broken mirror lay flat on the floor,

Sudden shivers and heaps of heavy sighs

surround the silhouette of a broken girl;

Bloodshot eyes seek familiarity

as she picks up a piece that pierces her veins,

One glimpse of her shrunken jaws

and she throws it down the drain;

Deep sounds of agonizing despair engulf her lips,

the smell of raw scotch etched into her skin with grief

She strikes the bottle on the bathroom floor

and lies on the bloody windows of relief;

Time sees his death quietly return to life,

Yet she silently screams for a savior in her strife,

A broken mirror lies into her eyes as she sees herself leave her mind,

She breathes into the air of sweat, and bloody tears

And as life begins to leave her dying on the floor,

She closes her eyes, a second too early, before hearing the knock on the door.