Lango and His Adventures


Lango was born in the low land plains, an extremely hot locality. After his birth, his mother left him. He was, therefore, brought up by his grandmother. He was a very difficulty baby to be raised. He would not let any piece of cloth placed on or wrapped around his body. He would throw away the clothes. He would never lie on the same side of the body. As a baby, if he was put on the right side, he would roll and lie on the left, and if on the left, he would lie on the right. He would never follow the set norms and the normal order of life. Seeing his nature, his family members were surprised. They wondered why he behaved in such a weird way. They expected him to be a normal and an excellent person. As there was something unusual about his behavior, they decided to consult an astrologer.

His grandmother sent a messenger to call the astrologer. The astrologer readied himself for the visit and on the way, due to Langa's miracles, the astrologer's slate (A wooden plank on which astrologers put red soil and draw planetary lines to read the fortune of an individual) disappeared. He could not tell where it disappeared. However, the astrologer went to the house of Langa's grandmother. The grandmother respectfully received the astrologer and started complaining about him. She started asking if he was at all going to be a man. She said, "He behaves abnormal. He does not do what is said. If he asked to eat, he does not.  He throws the pot itself. He cannot be fed. He eats on his own, not in public and sleeps alone even though he is a baby." The astrologer could not suggest anything.

Gradually, Langa started growing. He was now a baby who could sit. He then started standing along the wall. Then he started to move and walk around. When he was a boy able to walk, he started going to the jungle to graze the goat and then to look after the buffaloes. One day, he caught his grandmother with the left hand and the toe and flew to a rocky landscape. There in the rocky cave came a serpent ready to devour him. He put his hand on the mouth of the snake and made him immovable miraculously.

From the rocky cave where he made the snake immovable, he walked ahead. He reached Sindurkot and had a night stay there. He raised overnight an inn for the pilgrims and left that place. He then got to Lumbichauka, got a crow jammed on the tree and moved away.  After that he arrived to Sahilabagar where he raised a house, put it on a stone and transformed it into his own temple. From there, he came to Satkot where he met an old woman and asked her what she had been doing. She primarily replied that she was doing nothing, but later told that she was gathering stones. He piled up those stones aside to make a fence for the old woman from where a snake appeared. He wrapped the snake round the neck of the old woman and went away from that place in the night. He then arrived to Dhanbaichowka, built an inn for the pilgrims (Dharmashala) and went away at night. He got to Gogana where he again built a Dharmashala and a temple overnight and moved ahead. He then came to Chamagaad where he made a shelter of Sal tree. After his journey from Chamaggad, he reached to Farnildya, a rocky hillock. He quarried the rock to make a path through the cliff. By the time he had cut the rock and made a way along the cliff, the morning light appeared. He walked throughout the day and arrived to Deura where he froze a living Dove on a stone and left. From Deura he came to Tauwapada where he cut the rocky hill and made a walking trail on it. He spent the whole night to make this trail. From there, he came to Sworgadwari for a night halt. He erected a temple there. At Ek kane where he later came, he made a walking trail. From EK Kane, he went to the house of Bhagu Joshi. He asked Bhagu Joshi about the most auspicious day for a pilgrimage to Manasrobar and Mount Kailash. According to his instruction, he set on his pilgrimage. He stayed at Mellekh, now Jayaprithivinagar, the first day, then in Ruinabagar, sunikot, Lamkota and  Dudya khali successively. From Dudya Khali, he went to Rilu and constructed a Mandir (Temple). Then he went to Kanda where he made a khopo, a window for lighting the lamp in the prayer of God. In his stay in Lamarshahi, he constructed a temple. Then he came to a shamanic supernatural spell when he arrived to Tanda. He constructed a bridge between Tanda and Bhot (Tibet) and crossing the bridge, he finally arrived to Manasarobar. On his return, he contructed a temple in Tanda and started to stay there as a deity. Langa, thus, established a route linking the plains of Nepal and North India to Manasarobar which is situated across the Himalayas in the plateau of Tibet.