Writing in Afghanistan

Despite a creative writing culture within Afghani universities, many young writers remain silenced—either lacking access to publishing opportunities or fearful to share their ideas. The purpose of this project is to create a short story competition which focuses on Afghani heritage and that of the historic region known as the Ariana Empire, a region that connected both culturally and economically with more expansive Silk Routes. The competition will be amongst students at nine universities throughout Afghanistan as a way of encouraging a broader literary community geared towards emerging writers, uncovering new Afghani literary talents, and providing a space of collaboration, trust, and creativity. Once the competition committee selects several up-and-coming writers, who will become members of the Partaw Cultural House, they will all come together for an awards ceremony and literary festival. Afghanistan desperately needs to hear the voices and ideas of its youth and the Short Story Competition intends to work towards securing opportunities and safe literary communities for young Afghani writers.

 August 2014-October 2014