The Doors

                                            (The End)

No one would believe such a thing if they had not gone through the same thing themselves. Newlywed time. The happiest and the most exciting time. How pleasant to awake with your lover after spending the nights alone for your whole life? Look. The veins on her cheeks. How pleasant. He gently touched them. Like touching a soap bubble. Truly gently.

He was satisfied. This was it. The pleasure of life. He thought it would be good that all his mornings would be like this. Soft lips. Curling eyelashes. He looked at the face at ease. He was surprised at himself. He had never thought he could get married to such a flawless woman.

                                              (The End)

 After having looked at the newly wedded wife, he rose up gently. The newly installed door was a bit jammed and, as he put some force, it opened with a creaking sound. He looked at his wife, fearing the noise might have awakened her. Good. Her eyelids were still closed.

He went into the bathroom and took about 20 minutes for the wash up. The bathroom door was jammed as well. He put a little force. No effect. More force. Still No. The, he pushed it with some force and it opened with a loud noise

He was sweating. He made a mental note to send some from the office when he arrived there to grease the door. If not his wife would be upset when she gets up if the door could not be opened. This day, isn’t it a special day for both him and his wife to remember for their lives? He could not afford to have his wife upset for any reason on such a day.

He did not want to spend such a day sitting in the office doing numbers. He had to leave for the office because of the meeting with a foreigner which could have a major impact on the company. He did not want to take a step out of his house. When he reached outside his house compound, he reluctantly looked back at his house from his luxurious car.

As the house was blocked by a compound wall higher than normal, it was not seen clearly. He had raised his compound wall twice than the normal such cases for security for his wife when left alone. Thus, he could not see his house clearly. He was not satisfied with the wall only and had put two roles of German made iron wires on the wall and broken glasses and two Dobermans who wanted to go for a bite even at a human scent.

Grandly went with the wall was the main door. It was specially ordered and imported and to be opened with a secret code number. There was no handles to be found on that door. Just the door frame. For him,

the door would open easily with a remote control from his car. While he was thinking of the main door, he remembered his room door. Those doors would become difficult to open later with time even if they were oiled now. He made a note that he would make a foreign import order for those doors as well.

When he arrived at the company, his staffs were already there. As soon as he arrived, all staff stood up, gave a round of applause and the manager brought him a flower bouquet with a note “Congratulation”. He was satisfied. He greeted all and announced that there would be bonus at the end of the month as well as extra leave allowed. There was an explosion of shouts and claps. It was louder than when he came in.

His morning was graceful as he was happy and his staff were happy. But it did not last long. As he opened his office door, his face fell. For he was in the view of all staff, he made effort with grace to open the door. No. He put force. It did not work. He turned his lock again. The door did not give in.


He smacked his tongue with his teeth as he got angry. Due to his sudden sign of anger, the mirthful office came to a stop. The profound silence. The manager and staff who grabbed his situation came to force open the door that the door finally gave in.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he threw down himself in his swiveling chair. As his anger was still boiling, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He felt asleep. He did know how long and he was awaken by the ring of the phone. In a trench..

He touched the phone… He picked up the phone…
He picked up the phone to answer… “Arrrrrr”
Blood sprouted out from his hand holding the phone. Actually, he was not holding the phone but broken
glasses. He felt prickling feeling in his buttock and he looked down. Te thing he was sitting was not a sofa but a good chair with broken glasses.

He was caught with fright and ran out. It got worse. There was no space for him to put down his feet. The entire floor was filled with iron wires. He was even standing on those wires. He looked at his feet. They looked terribly bad with blood. He could not help it. He must get out of this room fast. He could not heed his wounded feet and ran out through the wires.

As he stepped on, his feet got tethered with the wires. His office door was blocked as usual. He could not open it. Only after pushing with bloody force that it opened. The door was smeared with his blood. As the door opened. He looked at his office.


He was stunned. He forgot the cuts and wounds in his hand and feet. He could not believe his eyes. None of his staff was to be found. He did not know where they come from but beasts such as foxes, wolves, seals, tigers were in his office. If there were no deranged tables and cupboards, he would not have recognized his office. It seemed he was in the jungle.

The worse was that these creatures were approaching with saliva dripping opened mouths. They came bearing their teeth to tear him out. What could he do? There was no much time. The back was a room filled

with broken glasses and iron wires and the front was ready-to-tear beasts. Which way to choose. The creatures were approaching nearer and nearer.

He did not think much and tore through the crowd of the beasts. He braced his mind for whatever comes and dashed out with his eyes closed, his jaws set.

With luck, he was not harmed by any beast and he got to the street easily. He knew this view and this road. The road he travelled between office and home. Since it was in downtown, the road was crowded 24 hours. But this day, the strange thing was the road being void of cars and people and being filled with silence. It did not last long. He heard the beasts and, as he looked around, he saw the beasts in his office were following him with roars of shouts.

The way those beasts walked were not on four feet. But they came swaying on two feet like men. He took rest for a while. He examined his hands and feet. They were in bad condition. He could not rest for long. It would not be easy to fall in the hands of the beasts. With blood dripping, he has to run.

The macadamized road is long and straight. The mirages were visible. The sun was unbearable. Mixed with tar and his blood were the bloody footprints left on the road. The opened wounds his hands were painful with the sweats trickling down from his palms. He could not bear. He rushed on to reach his home. And he was also worried for his newlywed wife. Was she facing troubles? Yes. What had happened at home? He was filled with apprehension and rushed on.

With his unstopping run, he reached his corner of his road and he could see his high house compound wall from the corner. The broken glasses and iron wires were glistering in the sun. When he reached the door, he noticed that he did not have the remote control. No problem. He could open with entering the secret code number.

He entered the number digits carefully. No success. He tried again more carefully. The door did not move. What happened? He could not get the code number wrong. It was marked with his birthdate and his wife’s. There could not be a mistake. Now it could not be opened. He just tried any other number but to no avail.

He could not be trying punching numbers till he get the right one as the beasts were right after him. He could not think for long. With all the efforts left in him, he climbed up the wall. Now that he had to climb i t up that he came to regret building such a high wall. But it could not be helped. Only once he was in the compound, he could be safe and escape from the beasts.

The iron wires he himself had ordered imported and the broken glasses were piercing his body all over. He body was clad in blood from old and new wounds. When he reached the top roll of the iron wires, he could not balance anymore and fell into the compound.

Both he feet had swollen. He tried to stand but could not. There were shooting pains in the feet and he fell again. His feet might be broken. Yet no problem. He could forget about the pains and take some rest now. Now he was in his own compound and he was safe. The beasts pursuing him could never get into the compound.

As he was satisfied with those thoughts…

The two Dobermans he himself has chosen and bought from the dog training camp were rushing towards him. What could he do? The dogs would not recognize him as their master now that he was covered with

cuts and blood. There was no more efforts left in him nor any place to run to. There was only one thing left for him to do. He screamed.


                                                  (The End)

It would be hard to explain all these to people who had no such experience. Newlywed time. The happiest and the most exciting time. How pleasant to awake with your lover after spending the nights alone for your whole life? Look. He gently lifted the bed sheet.

“Oh” “Arrrrrrr”
What was it? What got in the place of his wife? There was a shriveled old lady. He looked carefully. No mistake. Wrinkled marks, white hair. Help me. What happened. He looked at the door. It was closed.

                                                            ***Translated to English by WMH