Iman Humaydan

Iman HUMAYDAN (novelist, fiction, and script writer; Lebanon) is the founder of ARRAWI, a non-profit center for marginalized youth in Lebanon.  Her novels B Mithl Beit, Mithl Beirut [B as in Beirut], Toot Barri [Wild Mulberries], and Hayawat Okhra [Other Lives] have been published in Arabic, French, German, English, Italian and Dutch. Her fourth novel Khamsoun ghraman mena aljannah  [Weight of Paradise] has been published in Arabic and English and will come out in German and French in January 2017.  Her short stories, essays, and journalism have appeared in German, Swiss, French, and Arab newspapers and magazines.  Humaydan co-wrote the screenplay for Chatti ya Deni [Here Comes The Rain], which won the first prize at the 2010 Dubai Film Festival, and the documentary film Asmahan, Une Diva Orientale, and edited the creative writing textbook Kitabat alkitabah (2010). She also edited Beirut Noir, which was published in 2015 by Akashic Books (NY). The writer serves as the co-founder of PEN Lebanon in 2012, and PEN Lebanon president since 2015. At present, Humaydan teaches creative writing in Paris 8 University in France.