Stone Mummy

She is the remains
                                    of sails
fought over by cats
from the tattered ends of tribes.
Her bleak mast
dreams of pirates
that will force out her downfall
with their gold molars.

You can't after now
surprise your solitude with stupor of a knight
with what calms the crumbling of earth and heaven
under your feet.
Over the years
you have dug in a valley to bury moons and livers
because you are mere murk
or a stone mummy.

Over the years
you've trembled at the thought
of their departure extending beyond
the reach of witchcraft.
We know
you have a sickle with which you spite the stars
             and expertise in stoking fires
             or stealing
                            the provisions of innocence.

But you don't know
that Lucifer falls at the first flicker of a meteor
and the souls around
are balls of ice.



                                                                                                      Translated by Khaled Mattawa