Will dread to speak straight
Maintain a distance between the cup and the lip
Will scatter bits of politeness
In a cauldron of arrogance
And conclude that it's perfectly fine...

Will find...


I come from a land where mountains stand as our guards, where clouds float around our heads as a symbol for thoughts, where it rains more than the sun shines, where you’ll see more monasteries than shopping malls,...


In that older tradition, poets had the patronage of kings and queens. They belonged, sometimes, to a performative and oral tradition that lived within families, castes and communities – such as the traditional...


As man becomes more and more cultured and refined, he moves away from nature and tends to move towards artificiality. The distance from nature seems to keep him away from purity and reality too. In this process he...


They opened a window and their mouths they rinsed
And spilled on their anger-laughter and cries thus cleansed
And if they were in reach they’d have been beaten black n blue
Let my kites lose their path...

Vishnupad Temple

She told me over the phone, ’Guess what, we went to Goa,
... A train-ride from Bombay, with mountains on one side
And little villages on the other, intruded by
A sublet of the sea.


English writing in India is only a little over a hundred years old. It has been shaped by the cross-currents of history, cultures, mythology and modernism. Traders, travellers, dreamers and aggressors came,...

Great Buddha Statue at Bodhgaya

You couldn’t invest in real estate
Nor buy posh cars
Nor did you take us to tour in some lavish mountain or ocean
Opened your pot and fed us sweetmeats
One by one every night...

T.M. Krishna talk, Part Two

With technological and skills-oriented changes in the medical profession, graduating doctors today have little in the way of interpersonal skills or multidisciplinary perspectives regarding the human condition. With...