Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Contributors: Ayurzana Gun-Aajav
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

« The fertile virgin-lands between Altai and Khangai, Lands of our eternal destiny where ancestors lie, Land grown mellow under the golden rays of the sun, Land grown eternal under the silver moon. This is my native land, Mongolia the beautiful! »  —Dashdoriyjiyn Natsagdorj, My Native Land





When I was nine years old, I read a random short novel by Russian writer Ivan Turgenev called “Notes of the Hunter.” I wanted to read any interesting story in the style of action, or maybe horror films, but I left...


-the fragment of meta-novel “The Wings of Dying Bird”-

The Old Man of the Mountain came several times after the gold had been returned to Shar-Ganga (Yellow Canyon). This was before the cave had been...

Sukhbaatar Square
Ulaanbaatar Hotel

For the red leaf
I once plucked and then forgot
I will pull off this flower.
For the love trampled
Coming from that vulnerable leaf
Which I remember now and then,-
I will pull off this...


Such happiness
To see the sun set on the steppe!
When I feel its calm light
I forget my sorrow.

To breathe such air,
To be human is enough!
After that, let God take...