Myanmar/ Burma coup 2021: some resources

Yangon street protests

In the wake of the military regime’s overthrow of Myanmar’s elected institutions, the violent repression of the people supporting those institutions through peaceful protests, and the massive incarcerations that have followed, IWP wishes, in keeping with its mission statement, to speak in support of our many Burmese/Myanma alumni participating in this struggle. On this page we record some of their voices, and link to some relevant resources:

Sign the petition on calling on the junta to release the prisoners.
• A statement of protest signed by 83 Myanma poets, several IWP alumni among them.
• “Poets Against Dictatorship” — protest poetry in the streets (video, 8 minutes; subtitled).
• IWP Director Christopher Merrill on the evolving situation in Myanmar in Dallas Morning News (3/18/21), IPR’s “River to River” (3/19/21) and PRI’s “The World” (3/24)

In a wider circle:
  • Two recent, timely, interviews with poet, translator, editor and activist, IWP alum ko ko thett, in Tupelo Quarterly and Cha.

  • In World Literature Today, editor and translator James Byrne writes on the actions of people in the streets of Myanma cities and in the Rohingya refugee camps.


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