My life experience

Abdi Huhumed Maalim

It was a eime? when I was in the bush. That eime whole of my family are living together in the bush. That place was much different than in the refugee camps. After I grew old and my father died my mother and brother and sister and I migrated to Kenya. That time when I was in the bush I only knew how to drink milk, but when I came in the refugee really I was surprised, how can I survive in a place without milk for drinking?

But finally I realized that without drinking milk my life can still survive and now I believe even if I see people drinking milk sometimes I wonder, I ask myself does this person miss any other thing to drink instead of drinking milk? While before I only knew how to drink milk, so my point to the story is that each and everybody can really survive any land or life or environment in the earth.

And the story ??? pointing to my arrival of this camp and I am much appreciating to the position I was today while my lifetime began from bush area.

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