The Three Goats

Abdi Kadar

Once upon a time there were three goats. The three goats were called Blacky, Horny and Shouty They lived in the forest where many predators like the hyena, the lion and the leopard existed in a larger population.

The three slept together, grazed together and helped each other in terms of hardships.

It was not long when one of their enemies, Hyena, decided to eat the three goats. In fact it was difficult for the hyena to eat the three goats because they were always together. Hyena thought for day and night but he could not get a way of eating the goats.

One day Hyena went to his friend Hare to discuss the issue of eating the goats. Hare who had a character trait of trickery and wisdom suggested to his friend that he would bring tonight Shouty alone so that Hyena can eat her alone and the next night Blacky so that the brave Horny will remain alone.

Hare went to the three goats and made good friends with them. He told Horny that Hyena was going to eat him tonight and you can’t hide away from him unless you chase Shouty away because she will shout and help Hyena to easily discover your hiding place.

Horny without thinking started chasing Shouty. Since she was afraid of Horny she went away. By nightfall Hyena came and ate Shouty. The next day Hare went to Black and told her that last night Hyena ate their friend Shouty and tonight he is going to eat Horny and if he finds you with him he will also eat you. Blacky thought for a while and decided to leave Horny alone.

Again Hyena came and ate Blacky after finding her alone in the forest followed by Horny the next night.

My story ends there.

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