Points of View

Abdikadir Moalim Abukar

The Importance of education:

Education is the way to success. Without education the world would become pitch black and no one would be able to live.

  1. Without education life would not exist.
  2. Without education there would be no peace.
  3. Love among the youth:
    • No life without love
    • No world without love
    • No peace without love
    • No relationship without love
    • No reproduction without love
    • Love brings peace and harmony
    • Without love the world will not exist
  4. World:
    • The world is rotating
    • And the people are acting
    • And the time is going
    • The rivers are flowing
    • The people are reproducing
    • The people are inventing many things
    • Some are dying, some are growing
    • I don’t really know where the world is going

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