Thanks to the developed science and technology

Abdikadir Sheik Mohamed

It is science and technology that save the dead and can make the dead feel the joy and happiness of being alive. There was a child who was born in my village which had no whole where feces were to pass. This made his mother stay without meal and even without water and even stay without a nap. Everybody who hears the news was bewildered and women would cry and would mother the mother worry a lot and even lose hope and give up and wished the child would die. I knew a young boy of the age 10 years I would and see what was going. What I could recall was that there was no single mother or women who proposed the child be taken to the hospital. Ignorance can lose life and technology can save. Anyway there was not another way except to be taken to the hospital. At last he was taken to the hospital and immediately to the Nairobi hospital. The child underwent surgical operations several times and now is as healthy as evil.

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