Yarrow Abdi Ali

It was early in the evening when I came from the bush. I was the cowboy of our family. I had no company other than the cattle, and I knew that the bush was so dangerous for whosoever was in it late. But I never knew how dangerous the bush is other than what I used to hear from my ??? ??? who was so ??? than me when it comes wild animals saying that to “see a lion is your death.”

By remembering this I confirmed that it was only left for me to twinkle my eye and go to the next world. Because I had no promise that I would soon encounter “the conductor who would issue for me the ticket for the next world.” Because of the bad condition that I was in, I decided to climb a tree, though the darkness of the night was complete.

After fulfilling my decision it was not more than that 45 seconds later when the lion was under acacia that I was in.

After a long period, the lion got sleepy and I was too. And I folded on it. Then the lion ran away and there, I was saved.

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