Ameena Hussein

Ameena HUSSEIN (fiction/nonfiction writer; Sri Lanka) is a publisher and writer. Her debut novel The Moon in the Water was long-listed for the Man Asian Literary and the Dublin IMPAC prizes; her story collection, Fifteen, was shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize; a second, Zillij, won the State Literary Prize. She edited Sri Lanka’s first-ever collection of adult stories, and children’s collections MilkRice, MilkRice 2 and Vampire Umpire.  

The author of the study Sometimes There Is No Blood, based on her sociological research on violence against women in rural Sri Lanka, she has extensive experience in community organizing. In addition to directing the publishing house Hussein-Perrera, which she co-founded, she works on reforestation, planting hardwood trees, coconuts and cashew. Please see Ameena's website for more of her publications and edited works.