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Buket UZUNER is, because of her mass appeal, potentially "the next Orhan Pamuk." (Mr. Pamuk, Turkey's leading author, attended the IWP in 1985.) Her novels include Two Green Water Sables, Their Mothers, Fathers, Lovers, and the Others (written in 1991, issued in its 16th edition in 1996); and The Sound of Fishsteps (1993; 10th edition, 1996). Her short story collections have similarly undergone multiple reprintings. She earned the M.S. in biology from Haceteppe University in Ankara, and did graduate work in public health at the University of Michigan, and graduate studies in Norwegian and Ecology at the University of Bergen in Norway. She is currently editor for foreign literature at the Remzi Publishing House and a reviewer for the weekly edition of the daily, Cumhuriyet. She is jointly supported at the IWP by the USIA and the board of the Turkish Airlines.

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