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Chen Li
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CHEN Li (陳黎, poet, essayist, translator; Taiwan) is the author of 14 books of poetry, among them [Animal Lullaby] (1980), [Love Song of Buffet the Clown] (1990), [Lightly/Slowly] (2009), [Me/City] (2011), [Evil/Exorcized] (2012), [Dynasty/Saint] (2013), and [Island/Country] (2014). Together with his wife, translator Chang Fen-ling, he has published some 20 volumes of poetry in translation, including that of Plath, Larkin, Heaney, Neruda, Paz, and Szymborska. He is the recipient of the National Award for Literature and Arts, the China Times Literary Award, and the Taiwan Literature Award. Chen Li has taught creative writing at National Dong Hwa University and is the organizer of the Pacific Poetry Festival. His participation is made possible by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture.

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