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Chris KEULEMANS (1960) lives in Amsterdam, Holland. He is a writer of prose, essays, plays and journalism. He has published three books. His novel 'A short walk in the hills' was longlisted for the Dutch national book award 1994. Two of his short plays, 'Albanians' and 'Belanov', were performed by independent theatre groups in Amsterdam and Utrecht. 'Lands', a radio-drama, was this year's Dutch entry to the Prix d'Europe. From 1995 to 1999, he was managing director of De Balie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam. Since then, he has traveled extensively, visiting countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland and the USA. His travel stories appear in de Volkskrant, a leading Dutch daily. Currently, he is working on a novel/website/tv-documentary, titled 'The American I never was'. Having been raised in American schools in Bagdad and Jakarta during the sixties, he now tries to imagine the life he would have lead had he grown up in America, not Holland.

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